Introducing Finlayson Guitars

Proudly designed in Scotland by master luthier Billy Finlayson and hand-built with beautiful sustainable Canadian wood by the masters at Godin guitars. I had free raeign of creative control on this project from art-direction, product design, web development, and all marketting elements. One the most funt yet proudest projects Ive had the joy of working on.

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In TourTech We Trust

Roadtested tools and accessories for true musicians. New to the market in the EU and UK Tourtek relies on its rugged and robust products that are guaranteed to last all tour long and our customers agree. I had overall control of this project’s art direction and marketing concepts. Within a year we had taken the market by storm in the UK and is now one of the top selling brands for cables, cases and electric drum kits.

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It’s an East-Coast Thang!

EastCoast Guitars have been around since 1991, but the real story starts in 2018 when the entire range was overhauled by some of the most experienced guitar players in the UK. Want to like the rock star dream without breaking the bank? Welcome to east-coast. I has full art direction and the marketing vision to rebrand and bring this dusty product to a new army of royal fans.

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WTF is Keepit-Peachy?

This is an on going project I have been working on since 2008. Music has always been one of the most important things in my life, I play multiple instruments, and this project gives me the opportunity to bring them all together and collaborate with other fellow musicians.

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