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June 25th, 2019


Billy Finlayson
Jay Plunkett
Arran Christie
Oliver Green
Aidan Ferguson
Kim-Mical Blythe

Proudly designed in Scotland. expertly built in Canada

On this project I had the privilege of being the Art Director in charge of all Branding / Marketing Imagery, Visual Merchandising, Publicity Shoots and also a huge part of the Web Development, teams and POS development.

A story of two renaissance men.

This new and exclusive line of acoustic guitars has been designed from the ground up by Billy Finlayson in collaboration with world-renowned luthier and entrepreneur Robert Godin

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The initial meeting of these two men brought an instant rapport through mutual respect and a shared ambition to make excellent quality instruments at realistic prices. After a few long and satisfying talks, they agreed to approach the subject of Finlayson guitars together as a team. Both Robert and Billy are excited to be working together and both are confident that this new range of Finlayson guitars offers expertise, taste, value and passion.



These guitars are all hand made in Godin’s facilities in Canada by dedicated artisans using wood sourced from Canada and the US. Robert and Billy share the same passion and commitment to every part of the acoustic guitar making process and aim to make Finlayson guitars a range of guitars like no other: Godin do not make guitars for anybody else, so this special pairing of talents is an unprecedented move that is sure to ignite interest from all quarters of the guitar playing community worldwide. With a range that includes Parlour guitars, nylon string models and all-solid Concert models with luxurious finishes and Fishman pickup systems, Finlayson guitars offer plenty to get excited about.

A photoshoot on the only sunny day in Scotland

Kings Park Glasgow

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